Search for the Perfect Nose Job

This is a post about finding the perfect nose job surgeon in Washington.  You never know what to look for when finding a surgeon.  It is important that you learn about what to look for to find a quality rhinoplasty surgeon and avoid complications.

Complications that can arise

Anesthesia risks

This is a big risk and can result in death.  It is important to know that you need a quality anesthesiologist.  A professional with ample experience in administering anesthesia.  If you don’t there can be many complications.  A proper anesthesiologist can make all the difference says Surgeon Locate.


If your surgeon cuts too deep or you don’t heal properly there can be internal bleeding.  This can damage vital tissues in your body and you will have to undergo another surgery.  Or you may have to get an artificial nose in some rare cases.  This is rare but has happened.


If a doctor is not using sterile tools then you risk infection.  This can be damaging to your entire body, and can reap damage on your nose.  If you are not careful you really risk having sever complications that are regrettable.  Make sure that you have a doctor with years of surgical training performing your surgery.

Poor wound healing or scarring

Infection usually leads to this. If your not careful you can end up with dramatic scares that you will feel very self conscience about.  It is important to know that your doctor care for you as she would herself.  If you are not careful then you run the risk of damage to your face.  This is an important and dramatic, and can drastically ruin what you set out to do in the first place.


Change in skin sensation

You can loose your sense of smell and this could be devastating to a chef or someone who enjoys smelling things.  How do you think you would handle this.  If you are not sure then maybe a rhinoplasty is not for you.

Nasal septal perforation

This is a perforation in the septum.  Which can result in encumbered airflow.  If you are an athlete who prides themselves in breathing, you might really damage what you do, by creating a problem when you breath.  How would you react to something this drastic.

Difficulty breathing

Don’t let your breath get away from you.  If you get an unsatisfactory job you might be dealing with something worse than an ugly nose.  Valuing you breathing is something that is important and can have an unsatisfactory results your whole life if you are not careful.  Having something impact your life like this can be dramatic and ruin everything you’ve been working towards.  Beauty can have a price.
plastic surgery complications

Unsatisfactory nasal appearance

This is the last in a long list of problems that can occur and ruin your appearance.  But you will want to make sure that your life and lively hood are not altered and make sure you have significant changes to your appearance that are the opposite of your initial reason for going to get the rhinoplasty in the first place.  If you go to a doctor and are seeking to get a change of appearance and you do not want to waste your money it is worth taking a look into the history of your surgeon.


How do you know you really want a nose job?  Well if you read the list and you still feel you are willing to risk this then you might as well go for it.  Just understand that proper training is a must.  And do not decide on the cheapest price, because if you get a surgeon who does not know what they are doing then you risk anything from the list above.  Just make sure you know what you are getting into.  Don’t damage your appearance or severely alter you life for something that might not work.

Put in the time to make a decision you will be comfortable with.  It is important to know these things.